updated: Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 20:46:30

DNSBL - DNS blacklists of IP addresses
ImproWare IP based spamlistcleanclean
TDC's RBLcleanclean
MAV BLcleanclean
cantv.net dulcleanclean
SpamRATS! Spamcleanclean
SORBS Spamhost (last 28 days)cleanclean
IPQuery.org netblockcleanclean
Tiopan Consulting IP Blacklistcleanclean
UCEPROTECT Level 1cleanclean
IPQuery.org backscatcleanclean
cantv.net hogcleanclean
kundenserver.de admin.blcleanclean
MSRBL webcleanclean
SORBS hijacked networkscleanclean
DRBL work node dsbl.rucleanclean
SORBS Open other Proxiescleanclean
UCEPROTECT Level 3cleanclean
kundenserver.de schizo-blcleanclean
SORBS Hosts demanding never be tested by SORBScleanclean
ops.asp.att.net blacklist sequoiacleanclean
JIPPG's RBL Project (mail-abuse Listings)cleanclean
EFnet TORcleantimeout
SORBS Aggregate zone (problems)cleanclean
abuse.ch Web abuse Trackercleanclean
Woody's SMTP Blacklist IPv4cleanclean
ops.asp.att.net blacklist mailcleanclean
EFnet RBL mirrorcleanclean
DRBL vote node gremlin.rucleanclean
TRIUMF.ca DNSBLcleanclean
MSRBL phishingcleanclean
ASPEWS Listingscleanclean
APEWS Level 2cleanclean
SORBS Aggregate zone (proxies)cleanclean
InterServer BLcleanclean
ZapBL DNSRBLcleanclean
PSBL (Passive Spam Block List)cleanclean
sectoor TOR blacklist (exit nodes)cleanclean
MSRBL combinedcleanclean
Cyberlogic DNSBLcleanclean
Russian Dial-up User Listcleanclean
UCEPROTECT Level 2cleanclean
SHLINK dyncleanclean
sectoor TOR blacklistcleanclean
CASA CDLcleanclean
BBFH Level 4 (@SORBS)cleanclean
Barracuda Reputation Block List (for SpamAssassin)cleanclean
s5h.net IPv4 RBLcleanclean
Spamhaus SBL Spamhaus Block Listcleanclean
BBFH Level 1cleanclean
nsZones.com SBL+Dyncleanclean
Microsoft Forefront DNSBLcleanclean
TechnoVision SpamTrapcleanclean
abuse.ch ZeuS Tracker IPcleanclean
SpamRATS! allcleanclean
DRBL work node caravan.rucleanclean
SpamRATS! NoPtrcleanclean
Blog Spam Blocklist (empty.us)cleanclean
0spam DNSBLcleanclean
SpamCop Blocking Listcleanclean
tuxad dunk.dnsbllistedlisted
CASA CBL-cleanclean
Spamhaus XBL Exploits Block Listcleanclean
MSRBL imagescleanclean
ANTISPAM-UFRJ orvedbcleanclean
Burnt-Tech DNSBLcleanclean
abuse.ch FastFlux Trackercleanclean
Mailhosts.org IPBLcleanclean
McAfee RBLcleanclean
Spam Eating Monkey SEM-NETBLACKcleanclean
kundenserver.de relayscleanclean
abuse.ch combined zonecleanclean
MSRBL viruscleanclean
Habeas Infringer Listcleanclean
ImproWare IP based wormlistcleanclean
Kempt.net DNS Black Listcleanclean
MSRBL spamcleanclean
choon.net IPv4 DNSBLcleanclean
IPQuery.org singlecleanclean
dan.me.uk (only tor exit nodes)cleanclean
Rymsho's DNSBLcleanclean
tuxad hartkore.dnsbllistedlisted
RBL.JP shortcleanclean
AntiCaptcha.NET IPv4cleanclean
Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BADNETScleanclean
SORBS Dynamic IP Addressescleanclean
SORBS Vulnerable formmailerscleanclean
SORBS Aggregate zonecleanclean
cantv.net rotcleanclean
nether.net (unsure)cleanclean
Spamhaus SBL-XBL Combined Block Listcleanclean
nsZones.com Dyncleanclean
Trend Micro DULcleanclean
cantv.net rhsblcleantimeout
BBFH Level 3 (@SORBS)cleanclean
Spam Grouper Net block listcleanclean
TornevallNET DNSBLcleanclean
RBL.JP allcleanclean
kundenserver.de spamblockcleanclean
StopSpam.org blockcleanclean
Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BACKSCATTERcleanclean
C&CZ's own black listcleanclean
CASA CBLcleanclean
BlockedServers Spam RBLcleanclean
abuse.ro IP RBLcleanclean
SORBS Aggregate zone (safe)cleanclean
SURBL multi (Combined SURBL list)cleanclean
DRBL vote node caravan.rucleanclean
WPBL - Weighted Private Block Listcleanclean
Swinog DNSRBLcleanclean
SpamRATS! Dynacleanclean
StopSpam.org dulcleanclean
Cymru Bogon Listcleanclean
Blog Spam Blocklist (spamlookup.net)cleanclean
SORBS Open HTTP Proxiescleanclean
SORBS Open SMTP relayscleanclean
CASA CBL+cleanclean
StopSpam.org dnsblcleanclean
WebEquipped.com block listcleanclean
UCEPROTECT Level 0cleanclean
Spamhaus PBL Policy Block Listcleanclean
StopSpam.org badhostcleanclean
SORBS netblocks of spam supporting service providerscleanclean
SORBS Spamhost (last 48 hours)cleanclean
SORBS Open SOCKS Proxiescleanclean
IIP Blacklistcleanclean
rothen.com DynIpcleanclean
Pedantic.org spamcleanclean
Mailhosts.org SHORTLISTcleanclean
NiX Spam DNSBLcleanclean
Proofpoint Dynamic Reputationcleanclean
anonmails.de DNSBLcleanclean
Mailspike Blacklistcleanclean
BlockedServers RBLcleanclean
kundenserver.de worms-blcleanclean
BBFH Level 1 (@SORBS)cleanclean
Rizon RBL/DNSBLtimeouttimeout
ASPnet DNSBL/URIBLcleanclean
Blog Spam Blacklistcleanclean
Barracuda Reputation Block Listcleanclean
0spam KillListcleanclean
ANTISPAM-UFRJ rsblcleanclean
Spamhaus ZEN Combined Block Listcleanclean
Open Resolver Checkcleanclean
IPQuery.org anycleanclean
IPQuery.org relaycleanclean
SORBS Spamhost (last year)cleanclean
SpamLab FEBcleanclean
BlakJak.net RBLcleanclean
Spam Grouper IP only listcleanclean
abuse.ch spam blacklistcleanclean
DRBL work node gremlin.rucleanclean
Cymru Fullbogon IPv4 Listcleanclean
SORBS Aggregate zone (relays)cleanclean
nether.net (relays)cleanclean
EFnet RBLcleanclean
Polar Communications Admin RBLcleanclean
BBFH Level 2 (@SORBS)cleanclean
Trend Micro QILcleanclean
SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains)cleanlisted
Technovision Spamsource Listcleanclean
RBL.JP viruscleanclean
DRBL vote node dsbl.rucleanclean
SpamChampuru DNSBLcleanclean
Fasthosts RBLcleanclean
BlockedServers NetScan RBLcleanclean
South Korean Network Blocking Listcleanclean
Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BLACKcleanclean
SHLINK blcleanclean
nsZones.com SBLcleanclean
Mailspike Zero-hour Datacleanclean
invaluement DNSBL ivmSIPcleanclean
SORBS Spamhost (any time)cleanclean
Leadmon.Net's SpamGuard Listings (LNSG)cleanclean
SpamStinks.com DNSBLcleanclean
cantv.net spamcleanclean
SpamLab RBLcleanclean
Unsubscribe Blacklist UBLcleanclean

DNSWL - DNS whitelists of IP addresses
RedIRIS ListaBlanca MTAWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
choon.net IPv4 DNSWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Habeas User List (including Non-Verified-Optin)not whitelistednot whitelisted
ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB2)not whitelistednot whitelisted
nsZones.com DNSWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
nether.net (trusted)not whitelistednot whitelisted
Trusted Forwarder SPF Global Whitelistnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Hostkarma no blacklistnot whitelistednot whitelisted
inps.de-DNSWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
CASA CMLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
C&CZ's own white listnot whitelistednot whitelisted
PSBL whitelistnot whitelistednot whitelisted
DNSWL.orgnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Habeas SafeList (for SpamAssassin)not whitelistednot whitelisted
Whitelisted.orgnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Habeas User Listnot whitelistednot whitelisted
TRIUMF.ca DNSWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
ISIPP Accreditation Database (WADB)not whitelistednot whitelisted
SHLINK wlnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Habeas SafeListnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Bondedsender plusnot whitelistednot whitelisted
ISIPP Accreditation Databasenot whitelistednot whitelisted
Mailhosts.org IPWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Spamhaus SWL IP Whitelist not whitelistednot whitelisted
RedIRIS ListaBlanca ESWLnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Mailspike Whitelistnot whitelistednot whitelisted
ISPA (Internet Service Provider Austria) Whitelistnot whitelistednot whitelisted
Bondedsendernot whitelistednot whitelisted

DNSIL - DNS information lists of IP addresses
Cymru peer asn listlistedlisted
countries.nerd.dk DNSBL (zz)not listednot listed
SHLINK dmmnot listednot listed
Mailhosts.org XPEWSnot listednot listed
Pedantic.org netblocknot listednot listed
Cymru origin IPv4 asn listlistedlisted
Route Views Project aspathnot listednot listed
BIT.nl all ascc IPv4 address space listlistedlisted
BIT.nl all IPv4 address space listnot listednot listed
BIT.nl own IPv4 and IPv6 address space listnot listednot listed
SenderBase® (for SpamAssassin)timeouttimeout
Spam Eating Monkey SEM-ASN-ORIGINnot listednot listed
dan.me.uk (all tor nodes)not listednot listed
Route Views Project asnnot listednot listed
Spam Eating Monkey GeoBL (deny all)not listednot listed
abusix.org Abuse Contact DBnot listednot listed

RHSWL - DNS whitelists of domains

SHLINK rhswlnot whitelisted
ISIPP Accreditation Database (IDDB)not whitelisted
Trusted Forwarder SPF Global Whitelistnot whitelisted
Mailhosts.org RHSWLnot whitelisted
Spamhaus DWL Domain Whitelist not whitelisted
Hostkarma no blacklistnot whitelisted
URIBL whitenot whitelisted

RHSIL - DNS information lists of domains

Abuse.netnot listed
AnonWhois.orgnot listed
Google safe browsingclean
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL all.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
 86400 A
 86400 TXT AS=13335 CC=US URL=http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/
BIT.nl all ascc IPv4 address space list
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL origin.asn.cymru.com
 14400 A
 14400 TXT 13335 | | US | arin | 2014-03-28
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL peer.asn.cymru.com
 14400 A
 14400 TXT 174 1103 2381 2914 3257 6453 | | US | arin | 2014-03-28
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL all.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl
 86400 A
 86400 TXT AS=13335 CC=US URL=http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/
BIT.nl all ascc IPv4 address space list
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL origin.asn.cymru.com
 14400 A
 14400 TXT 13335 | | US | arin | 2014-03-28
Listed in DNSIL in DNSIL peer.asn.cymru.com
 14400 A
 14400 TXT 174 1103 2381 2914 3257 6453 | | US | arin | 2014-03-28
Listed in DNSBL in DNSBL dunk.dnsbl.tuxad.de
 2100 A
Listed in DNSBL in DNSBL hartkore.dnsbl.tuxad.de
 2100 A
Listed in DNSBL in DNSBL dunk.dnsbl.tuxad.de
 2100 A
Listed in DNSBL in DNSBL hartkore.dnsbl.tuxad.de
 2100 A
Listed in DNSBL in DNSBL xs.surbl.org
 86400 A
SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains)
Listed in RHSBL
behindtheblueoval.com in RHSBL xs.surbl.org
 86400 A
SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains)